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Having survived two very stressful weeks, it is no surprise that my immune was overcome by a “major mucus maker”. The nasty cold germs I have been avoiding finally caught up with me so here I am—a sloth in cute PJ’s. In between my drug induced naps, I am attacking a pile of unread magazines and this month’s book group selection, “A Confederacy of Dunces”. I may even finish this hysterical master piece in time for Wednesday’s meeting!

This virus imposed house arrest has wreaked havoc on my creativity so I am going to keep things simple and provide you with My Girlfriend Voice’s tips to help you reduce stress and stay healthy.      

1.  Word association. Like colors, words have a positive impact on my psyche. Delicious and lovely are my two favorites right now. Slowly I repeat these words and let calm settle in to my body. Last month my favorite word was cinnamon roll. I couldn’t say it without a smiling. Why? I have no idea but it worked! What word do you like?

2. Body and breath. There is a correlation between the calmness of my mind and the degree of stability I feel in my body. Whenever I wait in line, wash the dishes or brush my teeth, I use this technique. Standing still with your weight evenly distributed across the feet, shoulders pulled down and back and pelvis tucked in. Let your breath warm and relax you. Settle in to your body. Do you feel your strength?

3. Memory recall. I’m guaranteed to smile when I take a journey back to in time to when my Grandmother and I stayed up late watching TV and talking about everything under the sun. A hug, a joke, her silly outfits! She loved me unconditionally. Sometimes I feel her presence and her wish that I take more time to enjoy the things and people I love. What memories bring to you to a place of bliss?

I wish you a week filled with wonder, joy and a healthy immune response!  Stress less, smile more.  Your body will thank you!

From the heart,

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