A New Year of Possibility and Postings! #groundedingratitude #happynewyear #liveinthemoment #mygirlfriendvoice #newbeginnings #nomoretears #practicegratitude #selfcare emotions & emotional inventory feeling optimistic letting the past go looking forward to my future relationships & communication

A New Year of Possibility and Postings!

Happy New Year!   I spent the later half of December reviewing 2011 and for the first time ever, I am not letting what I SHOULD have done or WISHED for or even CRIED OVER to dominate my thinking.  I am content to review my life objectively.

The more I am based in gratitude and self-care, the more optimistic I feel. More options become available to me when I clear my mind of the past.

I have never considered myself a writer but writing these posts has unleashed my creativity, bolstered my self-esteem and convinced me that focusing on “the positive” can change your life.

I feel renewed.

This year I wish you continued spiritual and emotional growth, time for laughter and learning and finally, time to be STILL.   Thank you for being a member of my community.

From the heart,


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