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Did I Just Say That????

Dang I can be brillant!  Have you ever have one of those moments, smack dab in the middle of a conversation, where you say something so amazing that you have to pause and write down your own words?  I had one of those recently when chatting with one of my girlfriends!!!

Here is my illuminating moment….. “When it comes to the people in your life, you are either on the same wavelength or you complement one another like Ying and Yang”.  If a relationship requires too much fixing, thinking, wishing, primping, etc., then hey, what’s up?  Why invest so much energy?


Time is a valuable asset; it is your MOST valuable asset.  If you use your time to morph people into something that they are not, is it worth the effort? Even if they go there, they won’t stay there long.  Why is it up to you to direct another person to change anyway?

Entering a relationship with the desire to change someone is not going to go well!

Let’s flip the situation because I know people who try to morph me into something I am not to fit THEIR needs!  Not only do I feel uncomfortable, I start to resent the feeling of not being good enough.  No one defines me but me.

Maybe friendships work for two simple reasons.   

  1. You are on the same wavelength:  you can actually finish each other’s sentences!  You often communicate without a sound—reading each other’s mind (or eye roll!) Sisters of a different mother! Comfortable.
  2. You are the complement of one another:  the introvert and the extrovert, the left brain and the right brain.  You COMPLEMENT one another and there is no pressure to be anything but your lovely self. You bring out the best of one another.  Surprisingly this works like Lucy and Ethyl, Laverne and Shirley.

Simple and sweet.

What do think?  Do you have more friends in the first category or the second? For me I have very few in the “opposites” category.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

From the heart,


Elephant image from laurenconrad.com

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