My Favorite Things: a gifting guide #giftgiving #givetime #mygirlfriendvoice #shareasmile #showappreciation #thebestgiftforanyone advice & strategies relationships & communication three gifts to share with friends and strangers

My Favorite Things:  a gifting guide

This is what I know.  There are three important things that I can give you, whether you are a loved one or a total stranger.  Can you guess what they are?  No fancy wrapping paper is required and it won’t break the bank yet the impact of these gifts can last a lifetime.  This is the most exquisite gift I can give you!  And when the gift is reciprocated, you will feel awesome!

1. ?        2.?         3.?             Read on, my friend!

TIME     I’ll give you my time including my undivided attention.  My ears and mind are open to whatever you want to share.   I will listen and if you want me to, I’ll tell you what you want to know.  I’m interested in what YOU….your fears, your dreams, your daily do’s.

A SMILE   Your eyes dance and your face softens when your lips spread into a smile.  We may not see each other often, or more than once in a lifetime, but we can share a magical moment through your ageless smile.  Everyone smiles in the same language.

APPRECIATION    A simple thank you.  I won’t be too busy to express my sincere gratitude for the little things you do.  These words are the most needed yet easily forgotten.  I won’t take you for granted.  You are among my greatest blessings.

These are the gifts I am sharing with my friends and family as well the stranger who may become my friend.

Spare the stress and breathe.  You have everything you need to make your life and the lives of others complete.  Happy Gift Giving.

Give time.  Give smiles. Show appreciation.  Nothing could be sweeter….

From the heart,


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