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Meet my Mr. Dreamy!

He is deliciously dreamy, isn’t he? I couldn’t believe my luck when he approached me on Christmas day through my on-line dating service. It was a Christmas miracle! Of course he is younger man at 42 but I am young at heart! Of course I wonder why a guy like this would need a dating service! Women must throw themselves at his feet. Of course he could answer every one of questions without hesitation and further pictures had me weak in the knees.

After corresponding for several hours over the last eighteen days, our first date was scheduled for Saturday night. Friday morning, he learned he had an emergency trip to Europe and asked me to come along with all expenses paid. Ugh, tempting if it were Paris, London or Rome but he was headed to Latvia to sign papers on a real estate deal that had been tied up in probate. Now I admit I did have to use Google to see where the hell Latvia was located. It is NOT on my bucket list of travel destinations with or without Mr. Dreamy. Besides, shouldn’t we at least have coffee before we cross an international borders? I don’t want to end up on Nightline as an unsolved murder case because I was found “iced” in a hotel bathtub missing my kidneys.

Well, my Sweetie arrived safely, but can you believe his wallet was stolen at the airport and he needed me to help him? WTF, I cannot believe it. You guessed it. Mr. Dreamy is not real. This has been an elaborate scheme to win my trust and my money. (What Money???) I am shocked at this insanity. I immediately stopped communication but how many women may have fallen for the ploy?

What kind of sick SOB (I’ll be fair – it could be a woman) plays on the emotions of lonely women and then takes advantage of their generosity? Whomever I was communicating with was a professional— I cannot believe the elaborate tale that was woven to create the persona of a wonderful man.

What I do know is that karma is going to kick their ass for this behavior!

How am I feeling about this fiasco? I am disgusted. There too is a layer of embarrassment but that is my weepy bruised ego. I look at this experience as yet another lesson in self-discovery.

I am proud of myself for being able to express my thoughts freely and honestly even though the beauty of my words landed on the screen of a predatory asshole. Please remember friends, whatever you post may be used to manipulate you.

I am willing to continue dating but I will not have a prolonged on-line conversation with anyone.

I don’t feel angry. It is not worth the time to be angry.

My dating profile has everything my family will need to write my obituary should they need to in the next few years. Let’s hope not but it’s like killing two birds with one stone! Ha, ha, cracking myself up here. Laughter heals.

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