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My Wellness Plan

Today it seems like every single commercial on the TV and radio was about weight loss, anti-aging  or plastic surgery.  I swear, it is not my imagination!   I,ve not hearing a single commercial suggesting we learn to thrive in life and love who we are!  Nope, NOT one!

What would the world be like if we focused on getting our mental health in shape as much as our physical health and appearance?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the two systems are not independent of one another. Instead of weight loss, let’s talk about losing a few bad habits that don’t serve you well.  For instance, do you try to please everyone and lose yourself in the process?  Do you feel lazy if you do nothing but relax?

Do you harbor resentment, bad feelings or even anger for days on end?   Are you worrying about yesterday while fearing tomorrow?   If you can’t think of anything, you have another problem and we should talk!

Instead of measuring weight loss, could we measure gratitude gains? How many lovely things/sites/people crossed your radar today?

Anti-aging, vitamins and supplements;  yada, yada, yada.  There is no magic pill!  Believe me, I have a chemistry degree—I’ve tried!  The supplements we require are derived naturally from dedicating time for personal rejuvenation, finding activities that energize us and the ability to connect emotionally with other people!

Every time you catch your image in the mirror, you could thank yourself for showing up?  Tell yourself you are loved unconditionally?

Could I please buy a monthly membership for my mental health the same way I pay my local gym for my physical health?   For $30/month I want full access to a variety of “wellness classes” as well as the ability to work quietly at my own pace in a safe environment.  I promise to visit at least four three times a week!

Personally I have felt tremendous pressure “to have it all”.  Today I don’t believe it is possible and it is perfectly fine that way.  I am not selling out but rather maximizing my choices and how I spend my time.  My priorities have shifted.

I put myself first, not in a selfish way but in a self-caring way.  I give myself permission to relax and do nothing (even if it requires scheduling it!)

Remember when the flight attendant reminds you to put on your oxygen mask before assisting another passenger?  When I feel whole or “oxygenated”, I am up for just about anything.  I can engage fully as a human being!

Years of bottling up my emotions have taken a toll on my physical health.  Luckily I am making progress by first recognizing there is a better way to manage my emotional health.  It really stinks to sit with uncomfortable feelings but this is ultimately what feeds my personal growth.  I...

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