Living in Alignment (plus a free PSA for NON-frequent flyers)

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For the last two weeks, the word ALIGNMENT has been on my mind.  Perhaps this is a good thing since I am on a ten day business trip—the “Cara –Palooza”—jaunting across the country, meeting folks for my day job.  I love meeting the clients in person but I have to say, sitting in airports and wearing the same two outfits over and over is making me cranky! 

In simple terms, alignment can be defined as the proper placement of muscles so that your bones have to do less work and therefore expend less energy.  (I always feel better after yoga!)  Another example is how we balance the tires on our car so that they wear evenly.  This makes sense in the physical realm, however, what does alignment mean in the non-physical realm?

Emotionally I feel neutral; like my tires are balanced or my weight is evenly distributed between my two feet.  It took a concerted effort to land in this ZEN DEN.  At first I would describe the feeling as hollow or floating.   I didn’t know what to do without a whirlwind of turmoil in my head or anger in my gut.  Slowly the practice of gratitude and living in the present shifted me into neutral.  My mind is not fighting my emotions.  I prefer to think I contemplate my emotions.

Last week my favorite Uncle passed away after a long battle with emphysema.  He was plain tired of fighting and after a bought of pneumonia, he remained physically weak.  We joked that he liked control down to the very last detail but I am sure that he felt both a spiritual and emotional alignment when he decided it was time to let go.  Uncle Dave always made me feel good about myself and for that, I am blessed. 

Alignment is not intuitive because evolutionarily, we are born to react.  Being on the defensive or as I like to call it, being prepared (wink, wink), means I am threatened by you or I pose a threat to you.  If you take time to smell the daisies, practice kindness or god forbid meditate, prepare to be mowed over!

Alignment is an active practice. It is a choice with a lovely pay-off.

As the “Cara Palooza” comes to a close, I feel the need to offer a Public Service Announcement for those of you who don’t travel often; to help you get into alignment of course! (and out of my alignment)

  1. The gate attendant will not forget to board the plane when it is time.  You don’t have to remind them to do their job.
  2. Please exit the plane as you would exit a church service or wedding— ONE ROW AT A TIME. 
  3. Do not block the aisle, hallway, sidewalk, etc. with your stuff.   STEP TO THE SIDE.
  4. You loud talkers — STOP!  Just because you have time to talk doesn’t mean you should.
  5. Use headphones— I am trying to read “Fifty Shades of Grey” in the row behind you and I don’t want to listen to that crap you have blaring at full volume.

Thank you for tolerating that digression!  XO

Even the universe fell into alignment for me tonight.  I was two hours late arriving into O’Hare but my connection was waiting for me!  Thank you, universe!  

Losing someone you love is always a reminder to slow down.  Let’s start living so we don’t need those reminders.  Spend your time wisely.  ALIGN with your passions and speak from the heart.  You will be surprised at how much easier it gets with practice!

From the heart,