Leaving the Comfort Zone

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Leaving the Comfort Zone

The world can be a scary place—-especially when you start to recognize your true potential.  Tasting and trusting your own power can scare the hell out of you!  I posted a quote earlier in the week that people will discourage you from acting on your dreams because they fear you will succeed.  The NEW you may leave them behind and since they lack the courage to reach for their own dreams, they’d rather you keep each other company in “unfulfilled land”.

If it is not someone else discouraging you, you may be discouraging yourself.  Self-sabotage is real.  I’ll use writing this blog as an example.  For years people have encouraged me to write my stories and thoughts but my response was, “I am not a writer or who would read it?”  Correction.  Everyone is a writer, I just don’t happen to make a living from it.  Secondly, who cares if anyone reads my blog!  I write for the pleasure of sharing and hopefully, building a community of like-minded individuals.  I rely on daily inspiration found in books and on the web so this is my way of paying forward what I have learned/will learn/need to learn…..get my drift?Writing keeps me grounded in today.  When people say they wish they could follow one of their dreams, I ask them these questions:

Question:  What is the worst thing that can happen if you follow your dream?

Answer:  You won’t like it.  At least you will know it wasn’t for you!

Question:   I won’t be good at “it” so why try something new?

Answer:  Are you really saying you fear failure?  Look at your endeavor as “progress not perfection”!  Besides, not every change/adventure has to be a public proclamation.

Question:   I don’t have time to do anything else.  I have too much on my plate now.

Answer:  You do have time—if you want to find it.  It may mean rearranging your schedule to allow a little time for yourself.   You may need to let go of other things, especially the activities and people that don’t make you excited anymore, because if you want IT, you have to make IT happen.  This is an active process.  Dreams don’t happen by wishing!

Question:  How will you feel if you don’t do “it”?

Answer:  I will probably regret it.  I’ll get over it.  Doesn’t everybody have regrets?

I was quite uncomfortable when I started salsa dancing but the pleasure outweighed my discomfort.  I am sticking with it!  I was also terrible at tennis so after a 4-part class, I decided this was one thing I could let go of, at least for now!  I started knitting again last year but I have yet to make a set of fingerless gloves that match in size.  I unravel and start again shrugging my shoulders—no big deal.  I’ll get it one of these days or else find several one handed individuals needing a glove!

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to try anything new!

By default I believe we are programmed to seek comfort and minimize risk.

It is up to you to determine what you would like to experience or change and then feed this desire.  For some it may mean giving up a habit that doesn’t serve them well, for others it may mean a career change and for others still, it may mean settling into the art of doing nothing at all.   Trust that the Girlfriend Voice inside of you will help guide you along the way.

I’d like to share an important learning with you.  Maybe it will  help you avoid some stumbling along the way

Keep your goal visible.  

A physical reminder helps direct your intentions.  Intentions create thoughts that create actions.  For instance, I created four posters for my bedroom wall; each outlining my goals and dreams.  There is one for personal development called “Cara 2.0”, one for my day job, one for My Girlfriend Voice and finally, one for launching my voice acting career.  There are scribbles where I have added something and a few things have been crossed off but the point is that I am reminded daily that I am on a personalized path.  It’s all about me!

I encourage you to move toward fulfilling your passion and committing to change.  Step out of the comfort zone and step closer to being who you are!  What are you dying to try?  Are you in the midst of trying something new?

From the heart,