Creating Space

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For something new, I attended a meditation meeting with theme of “creating space”.   My mind immediately raced ahead, trying to anticipate what wisdom the speaker would reveal.  (This is why I really need meditation in my life — to quiet my monkey mind).

Would this space be a protective bubble from all that is negative?

Would this be the space be a room or place of one’s own for quiet reflection?

Would the space be related to emotional space?

Were there ways I could create space or a presence in someone else’s life?




It is as simple as this.  The speaker described “space” as a moment when it is just you   connecting to your breath.  Space is a moment when you settle down into your core and “check in”.

We Americans are addicted to activity.    We look at sitting still and doing nothing as lazy, weird and uncomfortable.  We even multitask rather than focus on one particular activity at a time.  We watch mind numbing television to zone out.  I can relate to how difficult it is to do nothing but is “creating space” really doing nothing?  NO, it is a conscious act of surrender.  A very important SOMETHING!

Here is how I plan to sneak in more space in my day. 

I will get up a little earlier each morning to enjoy my coffee to the sound of the birds rather than the morning news. 

I will not overschedule myself with activities. 

I will have an electronics free evening once a week. 

I will breathe deeply when I stand in line, am placed on hold or wait for a document to load.

Space can be enjoyed in seconds and minutes, hours and days.

May the space I create for myself, help provide ample light to illuminate the beauty of my being.

Today someone asked me how I had changed since my younger years.  My answer was that I have not changed but rather I have fully settled into who I am; letting my authentic self be revealed.

Find space, dear friends, and thrive!

From the heart,


Artwork found at Simply Sitting Blog titled “Taming the Monkey Mind”