An Old Dog Learns a Few, Actually Just One, New Trick

Yes, I can painfully attest to the fact that this old dog, ME, can learn a few new tricks! Tricks in the form of figuring out how to place a button to “sign up for my email list” on my Facebook page.  Yeppers, only took me twenty seven trial and errors and about 5 hours.  BUT I FIGURED IT OUT.  I am damn proud of myself!

While I was tinkering around on Facebook, I thought I’d give my ABOUT ME section a little update.  So here is goes, Girlfriends.

My Girlfriend Voice is the opposite of my inner critic. She’s supportive, inspirational and honestly, she’s my lifesaver! She is someone who knows exactly what my intentions are and how the past influences (biases) the present moment. She is the conduit to my intuition and inner-wisdom. My Girlfriend Voice empowers me to love who I am and to show up unapologetically as Cara, the “Too Much Woman”.

Yes, I hear quite a few voices in my head! My Girlfriend Voice competes for stage time with a crew of critical characters like Penny the Perfectionist, Nikky Never Good Enough, Hopeless Hannah and Bad Bitchy Bertha. Those ladies love to bark and moan– misery loves company, ya know? Funny thing though; those voices provide me with some pretty valuable insight into the blueprint of my being. I just wish they’d hush up sometimes — enough already!

I’ll be posting stories and strategies about how to tame and transform the inner critic while we “lean in” and listen to our inner mentor, My Girlfriend Voice. The mean girls likely won’t go away any time soon so there is no sense fighting with them or agreeing with them! I’ll help you learn to manage their harshness while unleashing your self-compassion and grounded confidence!

So here is a little info to help you see who I be; the zany wackadoo who not only listens to the voices in her head, but is willing to share her most private thoughts and stories with this community. Just keeping it real, y’all!

1. Best advice ever received? “You alone are responsible for your happiness”. No blame games. No martyrdom. Get to it!

2. Best advice I’ve ever given? No is a complete sentence AND focus on HOW you want to feel and align your actions accordingly.

3. I’m innately curious which is truly a blessing! Whenever I am stuck, I get curious. Whenever I am sad, I get curious. When I’m angry, I send a nasty text and then get curious. (Just kidding about the text part!)

4. Why don’t people RSVP? Ugh. Drives me nuts. Drives me almost as nuts as loud talkers and people who chew with their mouth open.

5. Fear has muscle memory. It’s one workout I don’t feel guilty giving up.

6. If I could go anywhere, I’d want to go with a Girlfriend. (We could have fun in a cardboard box!) Find your tribe; find your community! Connection is vital to our health and wellness.

7. Vulnerable is not weak. Humble is not small. However, stupid is stupid.

8. My previous “drug of choice” was being too busy. If I worked really hard, I felt productive. If I solved your problems, I was important. The more I did, the better I felt. What I was really doing was avoiding my thoughts and feelings; avoiding the pain in my personal life. It worked until it didn’t and I crashed into a clinical depression.

9. I am passionate about removing the stigmas associated with mental illness and substance use disorder. Remember, behind every “junky” is a human in crisis and behind him or her is a grieving Mother. Be kind, people. Addiction is a disease not a moral failing.

10. I will learn to accept what I cannot control. (Grrrrrr, the hardest one) I think this must be the lesson I was sent here to learn……and learn….and learn!

That’s it for me today.  Go out and be kind in this crazy world.

From the heart,