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UNLEASHED:   Individualized Coaching for  Women "over 40" who desire to transform self-sabotage  into confidence and clarity.


UNLEASHED.  That's how I describe the feeling of when my "inside state" matches my "outside state".  What you see is what you get!  No more hiding behind a fancy fascade. 

UNLEASHED is living in alignment with your core desired feelings and values. 

UNLEASHED is living without the fear of being too much or too little.

UNLEASHED is available to any woman who desires to express herself fully and authentically.

Total time commitment:

  • A three month committment 
  • Three 60 minute video calls per month (9 hours total individualized coaching)
  • Time for daily reflection; ideally 30 minutes minimum

This is the right program if you are committed to investing in YOURSELF and committed to small transformative steps in both mindset and physicality which result in increased clarity, confidence, creativity and courage.  Give yourself permission to THRIVE. 

UNLEASHED. Your investment is $1100.

Let's chat to see if we are a good fit for one another.  Please use the link below to set up a call.

Let's chat about UNLEASHED - book a quick call

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